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Herts set for more speed cameras

speed camera
Cameras will be located at sites which have the worst record for accidents caused by speeding
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The go-ahead has been given for an increase in the number of road safety cameras across Hertfordshire.

By the end of next month, 22 new static cameras will be in place. In April a further 20 mobile camera sites will become active.

The initiative follows the publication of a two-year pilot scheme in eight counties which found that deaths and serious injury fell by 35% on roads where speed cameras were operating.

According to government guidelines, cameras should be positioned at sites where there has been a minimum of four fatalities and eight personal injury collisions within the last three years.

They will be painted bright yellow and be clearly visible to drivers with warning and speed limit signs.

The Hertfordshire County Council site has a page showing the location of speed cameras which will be updated as the new cameras are added.

The issue of speeding has been raised in this site's forum.

February 12, 2003

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