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Herts explains snow response

Peplins Way in the snow
Some local roads became difficult to negotiate
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

Herts says the county’s highways team worked round-the-clock gritting 60,000 km of the county’s roads in an effort to keep traffic moving last week.

The authority says it carried out a precautionary salting operation on Wednesday night, before any snow fell.

According to the county council, that was followed up on Thursday, by sending the 57-strong fleet of gritters -- and 250 workers -- out on the roads again to tackle the worst areas.

Thursday afternoon and evening saw some of the heaviest snow falls in the areas for years with many people unable to get home and some school children stranded at school or forced to walk home.

However the county blames gridlock on the A1(M), the M11 and other main roads for preventing the authority completing the job as quickly as planned with gritting trucks becoming snarled up in the traffic chaos they were meant to help relieve.

"Many people left work early to avoid the snow which brought the rush hour forward. Unfortunately, the gritting fleet became stuck in the traffic alongside members of the public in their cars," a spokesperson said.

Herts says that as soon as the traffic started to clear, late on Thursday evening, the fleet became more effective, working throughout the night to clear the roads. Hertfordshire Highways also brought in relief crews from other areas to ensure a round the clock operation until the roads were clear.

Many Brookmans Park residents decided to take the day off on the Friday following snow storm the previous day.

This site put together two picture galleries of Brookmans Park after the snow. The first shows scenes in the village and the second shows scenes in the local countryside.

If you want to discuss the county's response to the snow fall there is a thread running in the forum.

February 5, 2003

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