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School wins online award

Brookmans Park Primary School
Brookmans Park Primary School
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Brookmans Park Primary School has been voted Website of the week by the Hertfordshire Grid for Learning (HGfL).

The site was launched on 7 December 2002, following months of hard work behind the scene by a dedicated team of teachers and volunteers.

The site has pages displaying some of the work produced by pupils as well as information about the Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) and all the newsletters written by the headteacher.

According to the HGfL, the site was chosen for the following reasons ...

  • The amount of regularly updated useful information
  • The extensive diary section, with information and important dates all the way to the end of the academic year
  • The prospectus page, which carries useful bookmarks
  • The quality of material in the class work and school trips sections.
The awards team also made a recommendation for further improvements suggesting more colour, pictures and animations to brighten up the pages.

The HGfL is a private network linking together all of the Hertfordshire maintained schools and Hertfordshire, the local education authority (LEA).

The HGfL was set up as part of the government's National Grid for Learning and aims to provide a safe and secure Internet and e-mail environment to support teaching, learning and school management.

You can discuss education issues in this site's forum.

25 February 2003

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