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Frank Atkins on his milk round in 1960
Frank Atkins on his milk round in 1960

The eleventh and penultimate chapter of a photographic history of North Mymms has now been reproduced on this site.

Chapter eleven deals with the people of North Mymms. It is part of the latest work produced by the North Mymms Local History Society, featuring photographs dating back more than 130 years.

The collection of pictures includes a group photograph of the congregational junior choir in Brookmans Park in 1956 and the North Mymms junior football team of 1964.

To view the pictures in the eleventh chapter click here.

The 62-page book, "North Mymms Pictures From the Past", is made up of 12 chapters and contains almost 120 previously unpublished images.

The book was selling for just 2 but the entire print run of 1,000 copies was snapped up within weeks of going on sale. The funding for "North Mymms Pictures From the Past" came from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the North Mymms Parish Council.

All images have been heavily compressed to assist download speeds. The photographs in the actual book are much clearer and larger.

The final chapter, which deals with Marshmoor, will be added over the coming weeks. To view the index for the book click here.

February 27, 2003

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