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A zebra crossing for the village?

Opinion is growing in this site's new forum that Brookmans Park needs at least one zebra crossing. Some think two are needed.

As the debate grows, one correspondent says that at sometimes during the day it is extremely difficult for the elderly and young to cross the road.

“Try to cross Bluebridge with a child in the rain and count how many cars slow down to let you cross.  No don't bother.  I can tell you now.  None, absolutely none."

Another correspondent, who is not a car driver suggested that other traffic slowing methods should be considered.

“I would imagine that compared to something like speed humps, a zebra crossing would be a better option. I would also imagine a zebra crossing would be better than a pelican crossing- I wouldn't like to have something going beep-beep-beep-beep-beep outside my hour all day long!

“If someone wants to start a petition to the council to get one installed, you've got my signature.”

Another says there should be two crossings. One outside the pet shop & between Alldays and the Fish & Chip shop. A point of view that won the support of another correspondent.

You can also join the debate about the pros and cons of road crossings for Brookmans Park.

February 15, 2002

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