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Commuters survey of WAGN services

Report by James Bentall - WRUG member

WAGN commuters are being encouraged to take part in a survey examining the quality of service.

It follows the attendance of Alan Neville, WAGN's Group Station Manager for both Welham Green and Brookmans Park at the latest Welham Green Rail Users Group (WRUG) meeting.

Issues discussed included the tannoy system (now working again), ticket machine availability, the state of the edge of the platform, shelters, station information, security, ticket inspections, prices, state of the train services over the Christmas period and access to the car park.

The full minutes from the meeting can now be viewed online.

The survey of local rail travellers is being carried out in association with Friends of the Earth.

WRUG is keen to get as many regular Welham Green and Brookmans Park rail users as possible to fill the survey in.

The next meeting of WRUG will be held on Tuesday 26th March, 7:30pm at 9 Coningsby Close, Welham Green.

The train services can be discussed in this site's new forum.

James Bentall - WRUG member

February 8, 2002

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