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Parish Council Clerk retires
By Bob Horrocks
North Mymms Green Belt Society

Bill Pluck, or more formally 'W.A. Pluck'.  The name is so familiar but why?  Of course!  For the last 25 years the notice boards, public announcements, and letters from North Mymms Parish Council have all been signed 'Bill Pluck, Parish Clerk'.

His role does not grab the headlines but is key to the smooth operation of this branch of very local government.

The most visible activities of our Parish Council and its staff are the care etc. of playing fields, the bowling club, tennis courts, children's play areas, village greens, and public open spaces including dog litter bins. The Council has other responsibilities as well but they are less noticeable.

Having passed the Government pension start age of 65 a few years ago, Bill has now decided that the completion of 25 years service would be a suitable occasion to bow out.  His replacement, Mrs Jo Schettino, has been shadowing Bill for the last few months to ensure that the handover will be as smooth as possible.

At the Parish Council meeting on January 30, the Chairman, Cyril Everard, thanked and praised Bill for his work during those many years and his patience and good humour.

Past and present Parish Councillors are to have a 'get-together' early in February to mark the occasion at which a retirement present will given to Bill.

Bob Horrocks

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February 1, 2002

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