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North Mymms Memorial Hall is safe
By Bob Horrocks
North Mymms Green Belt Society

Last November a local newspaper published part of a list of possible housing sites produced by consultants appointed by Hertfordshire County Council.

The list suggested replacement of the North Mymms Memorial Hall and adjacent Working Men's Club with housing.

The North Mymms District Green Belt Society has obtained written assurance from the County Council that it (the County Council) 'has no intention to promote housing development there'.

The County Council letter says that, as part of the Council's current housing capacity study for the period to 2016, consultants were appointed to put forward ideas for possible housing development opportunities in every town in the County.

The letter stresses that these were just 'ideas' not proposals.  More than 1,000 ideas were put forward, which will all be considered carefully, but 'a provisional view is that rather less than half the ideas are acceptable and viable.'  

Full public consultation will begin later this year on the whole County Structure Plan, of which housing is just one part

Bob Horrocks

Bob's article and other Green Belt issues are being discussed in this site's new interactive forum.

February 1, 2002

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