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Mystery debris in local field

A local man is trying to establish the story behind pieces of brick and pottery found in a field near Gobions.

In a post on this site's new forum, the correspondent described how he came across the find during a family walk along the footpath from Folly Arch down to Little Rye plantation.

“In a field next to the 20 acre field (see other discussion thread) we found a large number of brick pieces and pottery sherds, well scattered over the area. The brick pieces are all very bright orange and look like soft reds, which have been crushed up, and the majority of the pottery sherds are of hand painted blue on white background.

“Anyone know why these should be here in such profusion? Is this the site of a long lost house - not Gubbins, surely? And I don't think it can be anything to do with field drainage as the "moles" run across the field and the tile drains are made of tiles, not bricks. And the field is so sloping that drainage cannot be a problem. Might it have been the site of an early rubbish tip for Brookmans Park?"

If anyone has any clues as to the origin of the brick and pottery please post a reply to the discussion in the forum area.

February 7, 2002

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