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BBC transmitting station book online

The BBC has given this site permission to reproduce, in full, a book, produced in 1930, describing details of the workings of the Brookmans Park Transmitting Station.

This site already has one complete book about the history of the Brookmans Park Transmitting Station written by Lilian Caras.

Now another document about the transmitting station has come to light.

The book, 'The London Twin-Wave Broadcasting Station, Brookmans Park', is described as 'A Descriptive Souvenir' setting out details of the workings of the station, with nine drawings of equipment as it was in 1930.

The book has been broken down into the following chapters, most of which contain reproductions of the original drawings from the 1930's book.

Foreword and Index
The Aerial System
The Power House
The Battery Room
The Motor Generator Room
The Transmitter Hall
The Control Room and Studio
Wavelengths and Programmes
The Principal Contractors

Some other on-line references to Brookmans Park's role in the history of the BBC and broadcasting and its current status can be found at the following sites.

Satellite Access
Radio London
More Pictures
More History
The History of TV (pdf file)
BBC annual report 1933
The Avengers

March 1, 2002

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