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Free e-mail aliases for Forum members

All who register for the Forum can now have a free e-mail alias yourname. The new address will be set up to point to any mailbox you want.

So if your name is Smith for example, you could have smith. Just e-mail forum and it will be set up for you. You will then get an e-mail reply sent to your new address to test it works.

This will be particularly useful if you have a long, hard to remember, e-mail address.

Once you have your new alias you can set your e-mail client so that all messages sent by you will have your new address in the send line too.

Remember this is only an alias. You have to keep your original e-mail address running. This is the one the alias will point to and will deliver mail to. Do not cancel your main e-mail address.

Each e-mail client is different but for Outlook Express go into Tools/Accounts/Mail. Then select the account you want the alias to work on. Highlight it and click on 'properties' and, under 'general', set the e-mail address and reply address at the bottom to the new alias.

Then when you send mail it will arrive with your new alias in the 'from' box.

So if you are a member of the Forum simply mail forum and it will be set up for you and if you are not a member registration takes just two minutes.

Once you have your new alias you can then change your details in the Forum too by logging in and clicking on 'profile' and putting your new e-mail address in and then click on 'change profile' at the bottom of your 'profile' page.

February 23, 2002

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