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Second mobile mast planned for village

Plans for a second mobile phone mast are to be considered by the North Mymms District Green Belt Society.

According to the society, One 2 One has submitted a planning application for a 15m monopole mast with three antenna - ref S6/2001/43/DF to be erected between Station Road and the railway.

The proposed site would be opposite the end of Green Close, close to Brookmans Park School, a site where Orange was refused a mast a few years ago.

The local green belt society is concerned because there is already an Orange 25m mast only yards away.

On its website, the North Mymms Green Belt Society draws attention to the Stewart Report on mobile phones.

The society says section 6 discusses 'base stations', and the 'current planning procedures for telecommunications development'.

February 4, 2001

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