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Police investigate missing speed signs

A number of speed signs in Warrengate Road and Hawkshead Lane have been removed or damaged following the recent introduction of a 30 mph limit.

On Monday, February 5 and Tuesday February 6, Hertfordshire County Council contractors erected a number of 30mph signs in Hawkshead Lane as proposed in plans announced at the end of last year.

There had previously been 37 positive replies to the Council's plan to bring in a 30mph restriction with one objection.

On Thursday February 8, a local resident spotted that a (600mm) 30mph sign had fallen over at the south end of Warrengate Road.

This was reported to the local police and the Road Safety Officer at Hertfordshire CC.

A (300mm) 30mph sign was completely missing from the south side of Hawkshead Lane (outside the Royal Veterinary Sports Ground).

According to the local resident who spotted it and informed this site, the complete sign and post had been uprooted and taken away.

Then on Friday, February 9, a third sign (600mm) had been completely uprooted and removed, from the south end of Warrengate Road, opposite the first one that had earlier fallen over.

A number of local residents have been keeping a watch on the signs to try to find out what is happening to them. They are urging other local residents to keep vigilant.

The Police have agreed to step up their patrols in case of further criminal activity and Herts CC will be replacing the signs as soon as possible.

February 10, 2001

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