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BAFTA blow for village film team

A small film company based in Brookmans Park has created what BAFTA judges considered to be one of the ten best short films made in 2000 -- but the production team narrowly missed out on a nomination for an award.

The film, Russell Square, was shot on mini digital video at a cost of less than a thousand pounds and filmed entirely on location in the London Underground.

The crew of five who make up Charlie productions are all aged under 25 and none has been to film school.

Writing on the team's website, one of the producers Ben Blaine wrote about the disappointment in positive vein.

“Now I realise that this might sound a little like a loser trying to justify himself but hell I don't care - we are very proud that our work has even been considered worthy of a second look.

“If you haven't yet had a chance to see the film then try down loading it from our site or alternatively visit or where it can currently be downloaded.

“Alternatively we have high hopes of a theatrical screening in London's left field cinemas - including the Cinelumiere, the Lux, the ICA and the Everyman. Obviously we will keep you posted.

“If none of this enables you to see the film then email us and we'll post you a VHS copy for free and for gratis - as long as you promise to give us a full and frank opinion.

“Finally I'd just like to thank Keith Malin, Howard Malin, Pat and Harvey Ward, Brenda Lewis, Linda Jonas, our parents, The British Council, Satwant Gil, CFS and Katie Hart without all of whom we would not have not been nominated. (If you see what I mean).”

February 1, 2001

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