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Blackout in Brookmans Park

Brookmans Park and part of the surrounding area was plunged into darkness at around 7pm on Sunday night following a failure of the network power supply.

Power in Moffats Lane and a few other areas was restored by 9pm but many in the village had to spend the night and early morning without power.

According to Eastern Electricity, engineers were working throughout the night and the company said that 90% of supplies would be reconnected by 9am Monday morning, February 19.

Commuters were affected by the failure. Although trains were running they were unable to stop at Brookmans Park for safety reasons because the station was in total darkness.

Many commuters had to find their way to Potters Bar to catch their trains to work.

It is the first major power failure in the area for just over a year, the last one coming in early January last year.

Eastern Energy is responsible for delivering the power supply to homes either via overhead power lines or underground cables.

The company has an emergency number for people to ring in the event of a loss of electricity. However the company asks customers to check whether their fuses have blown or a trip switch is off, whether the meter needs a token and if neighbours are without power before ringing 0800-7-838-838.

February 19, 2001

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