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Station face-lift hits buffers

Railtrack say plans to renovate Brookmans Park Station have been shelved. The North Mymms Residents' Association had been told that the station was to get a face-lift, but now Railtrack have backtracked.

The company has told Association Chairman, Colin Banks, that the project has been deferred and is now back at the assessment stage. The spokesman was unable to say why and when the plan would be reconsidered.

The station, which is only staffed during the morning rush hour, has been a regular target for vandals. The destination boards have been left smashed and station signs defaced.

The railway company West Anglia Great Northern (WAGN) in its customer charter, had promised that such incidents would be dealt with speedily, but the work has not been carried out despite campaigns in the local newspapers and on this site.

During bad weather, commuters at Brookmans Park have no shelter. The only escape from the rain is to stand underneath the stairs of the footbridge.

Railtrack had said the station would get a face-lift in April and details of the decision were released in the Spring 99 edition of the North Mymms Residents Association (NMRA) newsletter. It was thought that the work would have included the resurfacing of the platforms and improved surface drainage.

Railtrack say they will update the NMRA when and if the project is back in place.

March 19, 1999

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