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Dogs banned from school

The governors of Brookmans Park School have voted to ban dogs from the school's premises. The ban takes effect after the half term break, from Monday November 2.

The issue was raised at the full governors’ meeting held on Thursday October 22 when, after much discussion, the majority of governors voted for the ban.

Fouling the playing fields

According to headteacher Peter Evans, the decision will not eliminate the problem of fouling.  He says this is caused by people allowing their dogs to use the school’s playing fields as a lavatory after school and at weekends.

The only exception to the new rule will be guide dogs for the blind. The school’s piano tuner uses a guide dog and the animal will be allowed on school premises, as will other guide dogs.

Safety risk to chiildren

The governors were also concerned about the number of people who tie their dogs to the railings outside the school. It was thought this could pose a safety risk with children having to walk in the road to avoid passing tethered dogs. Peter Evans says he hopes this will not become a regular occurrence.

Oct 23, 1998

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