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More speed checks planned

Speed checks resume

Police have confirmed that random checks are being planned along local roads in an effort to catch motorists who are breaking the law.

Officers will be positioned in view, but often just around corners, as they try to catch those who continue to drive over the speed limit.

It's part of a campaign to reduce the risk of accidents on the roads during a time when there is often an increase, although officers say the checks will be ongoing and not just for the festive period.

Police are also warning that breath tests will also be carried out at any accidents, no matter how minor. They say the only safe limit for drivers is to not drink at all. They also say that some drivers may be over the limit the morning after drinking.

Officers will also be on the lookout for people driving while using their mobile phones.

You can discuss speeding in Brookmans Park in in a thread in this site's forum.

30 December 2008

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