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News Review 2007

Each year we put together a reminder of the local news items that featured on the site in the previous 12 months. The following is the Brookmans Park Newsletter's News Review 2007.

Chancellor's pupil sets world record
Record-breaking mariner Michael Perham - image courtesy of Michael Perham
The year started with a Chancellor’s student sailing into the record books as the youngest person to cross the Atlantic by boat single-handed. 14-year-old Michael Perham from Potters Bar took six weeks to sail to Antigua. Michael set off in his 28ft boat ‘Cheeky Monkey’ on November 18, 2006. His father, Peter, travelled two miles behind in another boat and kept in regular radio contact throughout the trip.

Time for the Woodman
Michael Jonas
Michael Jonas who, with his wife Linda, founded the charity, The Gobions Woodland Trust died on 23 February 2007. In 1985 when the former Gobions Estate came up for sale, Michael gathered a group of professionals as trustees and galvanized the local community into supporting the purchase of the land for £175,000, raised through donations, loans and grants. Thanks to Michael, Gobions is available to all to explore and enjoy.

Police tracking horse crime
horses - image courtesy of
A warning was issued to all horse owners in March following an increase in horse-related crime in the area. Neighbourhood police officer, Jo Wakelen, said that horse trailers had been stolen and there were reports of air rifles being fired from vans. Police were investigating reports of suspicious vehicles being seen near fields where horses were kept. PC Wakelen said officers were keen to help horse owners keep track of animals.

Entertaining for the love of it
The Breakaways Cavalcade - image courtesy of The Breakaways Cavalcade
After performing locally for 17 years and bringing smiles to the faces of thousands in nursing homes and hospitals, The Breakaways Cavalcade launched a website. The 17-strong entertainment troupe, made up of parents of past pupils at Chancellor’s School in Brookmans Park, met while performing in the twice-yearly PTA shows. The group makes no charge, although they encourage donations to charities.

Local group voted best new band
Critical Path
Local band Critical Path was voted the best new band in Bedfordshire in May. Josh Woodhouse (vocals), Glenn Hammersley (guitar), Sam Miller (bass guitar) and Adam Levitt (drums) beat off strong competition to take the title. "To be honest they had us within 30 seconds of the first song," one of the judges said. The band played to a packed house with many fans who couldn't get in watching through the window.

Village wins ICT award
Village wins ICT Award 2007
In June, Brookmans Park was voted Hertfordshire's ICT village of the year for the second time in three years. The award was for the village that makes the best use of information communication technology. Brookmans Park won the award in 2004 and went on to win the regional title for the East of England. Parish councillor, Peter Hastings, who was at the event on behalf of the parish council said it was a "great credit to all involved."

Local band wins Field Fest
Anything To Do With Superheroes
In July, another local band won the top prize at a local music fesival. Anything To Do With Superheroes was voted the best band at Welwyn's annual Field Fest music festival. The four Chancellor’s sixth-form pupils beat three other finalists to win a two-day session in a recording studio. The group is made up of Tom Manwaring (lead guitar) and Tom Brewer (guitar and vocals), Josh Pike (bass guitar), and Chris Hammond (drums).

RVC denies public health risk
Research at the RVC - image courtesy of the RVC
In August, The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) responded to concerns about its new infectious diseases unit by denying it would be working with the highly-contagious avian flu or foot-and-mouth disease. The assurance came following a request from this site for clarification about plans for the new Centre for the Control of Veterinary Infectious Diseases and Zoonoses (CCVIDZ) following concerns in this site’s forum.

Scouts tested on annual camp
North Mymms Scouts summer camp - image courtesy of James Bentall
Surfing, quad biking, gorge walking and trekking were just some of the activities occupying 60 local scouts during their annual camp in South Wales. Scout leader, James Bentall said it was a fantastic week and thanked all those who travelled with the group. “It was great to see so many of them learning new skills and conquering their fears to do things like climbing high into the sky or jumping into deep pools of water", he said.

Green belt auction concern
Friday Grove
The long running saga of the sale and development of Friday Grove, also known locally as the 20-acre field, featured in the news pages of this site throughout the year. As the auction approached, the local green belt society called on the agents behind the auction to make it clear in the sale details that the site is green belt land. The auction price wass set at £900,000+. In the event, the auction ended without the land being sold.

Travellers site identified
A travellers site in the southern England
The green belt society was again busy in October after hearing that an area of land in North Mymms had been identified as a possible site for a pitch for travellers. The site identified by the report is to the south side of Bulls Lane and extends from opposite the entrance to Linden Lodge for about 800m eastwards. It is about 18 acres of land and big enough for 17 pitches. The council will start consultations on the proposal in 2008.

Local firm wins Queen’s award
An OPRO mouthguard
Local firm OPRO was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise (Innovation) by the Duke of Kent in November. The Welham Green company supplies sports mouth guards to the national rugby teams of England, Scotland and Wales. The royal visitor was presented with his own mouth guard, featuring his own insignia, during his visit to Welham Green on Friday 9 November.

Youth project for Welham Green
A youth shelter in Sussex - image courtesy of Lewes District Council
Also in November, the Welham Green Working Group voted to involve local youth in the planning, funding and running of projects aimed at young people in the area. The first step was to restart the dormant Welham Green Youth Project and plan for a meeting shelter for young people. The idea is to take young people away from the shops in Dellsome Lane and offer them somewhere covered to meet.

You can discuss any of the issues raised in this News Review 2007 in this site’s forum.

December 26, 2007

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