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Vandals attack Christmas tree

The star is chopped off the Bradmore Green Christmas Tree
The star afer the vandals struck
Two years ago the Christmas Tree lasted until January before being attacked by vandals, this year they got to it before Christmas.

It's thought vandals attacked between late on Saturday 16 December and early Sunday morning, chopping off the top of the tree and the star.

In doing so they risked cutting through the live electric cable which was supplying the lights.

Members of Brookmans Park Rotary were on the scene before lunchtime Sunday to repair the tree.

The star returned to the top of the vandalised Christmas tree
The star back on the tree
It's now a little shorter, but the star was placed back on the top.

It's the second time vandals have struck a Christmas Tree on Bradmore Green in the past two years.

On January 3, 2005, vandals chopped the tree at its base, felling it and forcing Rotary to remove it prematurely.

If anyone saw anyone acting suspiciously around the tree on Saturday night or Sunday morning, please contact the local police on 01707 638100.

You can discuss the vandalism in this site's forum

17 December 2006

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