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News Review 2006

Pick of the year images 2006
The year started with a number of break ins around Bradmore Green. Gobions Woodland Trust announced that the local woodland would have new owners. The green belt society campaigned against the building of a country house. Police arrested three after a local man was mugged near the station. Traffic calming measures were suggested for Bluebridge Road. And the Parish Council produced a calendar for 2007.


Mayur Patel
Brookmans Park News, the Co-op store, one of Brookmans Park's dry cleaners and the station all fell victim to burglaries early in the year. Local concern was so great that the community police officer responded by organising a public meeting for the following month to try to find ways to tackle local crime.


local crime meeting
February, saw a full house for the local crime meeting. About 120 local residents, councillors and shopkeepers gathered at Brookmans Park's United Remormed Church to voice their concerns and to hear about plans to combat crime, put forward by the then Ward Constable, PC Jitu Davé.


Gobions Woodland
In March, the Gobions Woodland Trust announced that ownership of Gobions Woodland was to be gifted to the Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust, although the popular wildlife site will still be managed by Gobions Woodland Trust. News of the transfer was announced in the Gobions Woodland Trust’s annual report for 2005, written by trustee, Michael Jonas, MBE.


Friday Grove - also known as the 20-acre field

April saw a campaign against plans to build a large country house on green belt land to the south of Brookmans Park. The North Mymms and District Green Belt Society called for a 'show of strength' in its opposition to the plans to build at Friday Grove - also known as the 20-acre field. The plans were rejected, but the owner, Neil Bedford, said he would appeal.


Brookmans Park Station footbridge

In May, a commuter was mugged at Brookmans Park Station. The 55-year-old local man was approached on the footbridge from Brookmans Park station to the village as he walked home having got off the 23:11 from London. Police appealed for witnesses and, later in the year three youths were arrested and charged.


Brookmans Park’s Bluebridge Road

In June, local residents were up in arms about speeding along local roads, particularly Brookmans Park’s Bluebridge Road and Welham Green’s Dixons Hill Road. As well as comments on this site’s forum, there was action with North Mymms Parish Council calling for a meeting with Hertfordshire Highways to discuss ways to slow traffic down.


unofficial path to Gobions

In July, a recommended walk, published by a local walking group, became the centre of a right-of-way dispute. The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) confirmed that an unofficial short cut to Gobions Woodland Trust land from an RVC field was not a permissive route. The college urged walkers not to stray from the official path.


PC Jitu Davé

In August, after a year working as the local community police officer, PC Jitu Davé announced he was moving on. Jitu said he was leaving with a ‘heavy heart’ after being accepted ‘wholeheartedly’ by ‘very special local people’. The secretary of the local Neighbourhood Watch, Brenda Harris, said PC Jitu Davé would be sorely missed. "This is a very sad day for our community," she said.


Bluebridge Road

In September, officials at Hertfordshire Highways suggested they were ready to introduce red road markings on Bluebridge Road in an effort to cut traffic speeds. They said the work could be carried out in early 2007. According to Deputy District Manager, Mark Goodyear, the calming feature could be a small red patch of surface laid across the whole width of the road.


North Mymms Parish Church

October saw the North Mymms Parish Council magazines go on sale. The calendar for 2007 was to be the first produced by the council. 200 were produced featuring 13 images of North Mymms, many contributed by local residents. Pictures featured the whole parish, from Queenswood School to North Mymms House.


In November, more than 650 North Mymms residents responded to a survey organised to gauge public opinion about plans to build an extra 4,200 homes in the area. The local green belt society feared the homes would have to be built on green belt land and organised a campaign to oppose the proposal. The survey was handed in to the planning office at Welwyn Hatfield Council.


Bradmore Green Christmas Tree with the star chopped off

Two years ago the Christmas Tree lasted until January before being attacked by vandals, in 2006 year they got to it before Christmas. It's thought vandals attacked between late on Saturday 16 December and early Sunday morning 17 December, chopping off the top of the tree and the star.

27 December 2006

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