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Month-long road safety campaign

A police officer carrying out a breath test
Police say there’ll be no goodwill over the festive season as far as motoring offences are concerned.

Marked and unmarked cars are going to be operating in the area in an effort to detect offenders and cut down on accidents.

During the month-long road safety campaign, police will be targeting offences including defective lighting, the non-wearing of seatbelts and the use of mobile phones while driving.

They will also be clamping down on speeding and drink driving.

Chief Inspector Nigel Brown, Head of Hertfordshire Constabulary's Road Policing Unit says drivers need to be sensible and take extra care over the Christmas and New Year period.

"There are still some drivers who flout the law. While these people continue to do so, there is always the threat that Christmas could turn into a season of tragedy," he said.

The message from Hertfordshire Constabulary is clear.

If you are stopped by police and found to have faulty vehicle lights, are caught using a mobile phone, or not wearing a seatbelt, you could receive a £30 fine.

Drivers are responsible for ensuring that not only are they belted up, but they also bear responsibility for any passengers under the age of 14.

If you are over 14, it is your responsibility to wear your seatbelt. You will be fined if you are found without it fastened.

All drivers who are involved in collisions, commit traffic offences, or who are suspected of having consumed alcohol, will be required to take a breath test.

To support the campaign, marked and unmarked cars will be used for patrols to assist officers in detecting offenders.

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1 December 2006

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