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Fall in house burglaries

broken window to illustrate break ins
Police say burglaries in Welwyn Hatfield have fallen by more than a third over the year with detections up almost 10%. Officers put it down to patrols, investigations and crime prevention initiatives.

According to Area Commander, Chief Superintendent Alison Roome-Gifford, part of the success is due to local residents being vigilant about home security. She also promised to continue to get tough with criminals.

"We have also arrested more burglars. Any prospective offenders should beware that under new legislation we can seize any assets we believe have been bought with the proceeds of crime. These can be anything from houses and cars to electrical goods and jewellery and we will use these powers robustly.

"We will continue to do all we can to further reduce burglaries this year. We want people to not only be safe but to feel safe in their homes. Residents can help by ensuring their homes are properly secure at all times so the opportunity is not there for a burglar."

Hertfordshire Constabulary says that numerous initiatives and operations have been carried out by officers working to reduce burglary rates in the area, including covert and hi-visibility patrols in hotspot areas, further improving the way burglaries are investigated and running various crime prevention initiatives locally.

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12 December 2006

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