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Brookmans Park Webcam goes live again

The view from the Brookmans Park Newsletter Webcam
The view from the Brookmans Park Newsletter Webcam
The Brookmans Park Webcam is live again, but only until the middle of January when we will need to find a new home for it.

Click here to view the Webcam.

The Webcam is currently looking northwest over Bradmore Green towards the Brookmans Park Hotel.

We hope to vary the location every so often to give different views of the village.

Apologies for the slightly blurred image and the resolution, we will improve this over the coming days.

Our thanks to Hollywood Hairdressers for allowing us to position the camera above their premises and to Neville Hobbs at Windors Estate Agents, for letting us use his broadband connection.

Any offers for hosting the Webcam would be welcome. If you want to sponsor the Webcam - so we can cover the line costs and the cost of a better camera - please message James through the feedback form. Be sure to send your message to James by using the drop down list of names.

Also, if anyone wants to set up a webcam in Welham Green or Little Heath, please let us know. We would be happy to stream the feed.

You can discuss the Brookmans Park Webcam in this site's forum.

17 December 2005

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