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Christmas waste recycling details

Christmas tree
You can recycle real Christmas trees at Stanborough Park
Welwyn Hatfield has again made arrangements for the recycling of most festive season waste.

All used Christmas cards can be deposited in special collection boxes available to the end of January at the following locations:

  • Tesco
  • Asda (Hatfield)
  • WH Smith
  • Sainsburys (WGC)
  • Campus West (library entrance)
  • Jim McDonald Centre
  • Douglas Tilbe House
  • Welwyn Civic Centre
The council says the green recycling boxes, left at each house, should not be used for the disposal of Christmas cards.

A recycling facility has also been set up for real Christmas trees.

From Monday 5 January to Sunday 18 January, there will be a designated recycling zone at Stanborough Park North car park.

WHDC says people should remove all decorations and plastic bags. Recycled trees will be turned into mulch and compost for use in Stanborough Park.

Trees can also be recycled at any of the household waste sites. The Hertfordshire County Council Domestic Waste Site off the A414 road from Hatfield to Hertford is open daily from 8am to 4pm. The site will be closed on 1 January. Enquiries 08457 425000

All bottles, paper, and cans can be recycled at the local recycling centres. Recycling enquiries 01707 357818.

All offices of Welwyn Hatfield Council will be closed Thursday 1 January. Emergencies can be reported to the Council on 01707 357800 This number will operate over the holiday period.

The revised local waste collection service is as follows:

Normal Revised
Wed 24 Dec Mon 29 Dec
Thur 25 Dec Tue 30 Dec
Fri 26 Dec Wed 31 Dec
Mon 29 Dec Mon 5 Jan
Tue 30 Dec Tue 6 Jan
Wed 31 Dec Wed 7 Jan
Thur 1 Jan Thur 8 Jan
Fri 2 Jan Fri 9 Jan

You can discuss this issue in the forum.

27 December 2003

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