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Police issue Gobions 'attack' warning

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Police are advising local residents not to walk in Gobions alone for the time being.

It follows an incident on Tuesday 9 December, when a woman says she was grabbed from behind by a man.

According to police the incident happened about 9.40am when the woman was walking in the area with her dog.

Police say the man approached the woman from behind and put his hand on her shoulder. She was then pushed to the ground, but struggled and managed to escape.

The woman was not seriously injured, but suffered shock. She ran off in one direction and her attacker ran off in the other direction.

Police say they still haven't established a motive for the attack, and they don't have a description of the attacker.

Community police officer Vojislav Mihailovic called on the area’s Neighbourhood Watch team, to issue a temporary warning to local residents while investigations continue.

“We don’t want to cause panic, but would call on all residents not to walk in the area alone for the time being,” he said.

Anyone with any information, or who saw anyone acting suspiciously about that time, including a man running, is asked to contact the community police officer on 01707-638112.

Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators are delivering notices about the incident door-to-door in the area.

You can discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

9 December 2003 (updated 10 December)

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