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Police give drivers three warnings

Police say action will be taken against any motorists causing an obstruction
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Local police say motorists should not be complacent about drink driving, using mobile phones, or parking irresponsibly in the village.

In the lastest Brookmans Park and Little Heath Neighbourhood Watch newsletter, community police officer, Vojislav Mihailovic says the law will be enforced over the festive season.

"Be aware that there will be a robust drink/drive enforcement campaign taking place over the Christmas and New Year period. The best way of ensuring that you donít get caught is not to do it in the first place," PC Mihailovic writes.

He also has a warning for people who feel they have a few months grace to continue using mobile phones while driving, despite the recent change in the law.

"Police officers have the discretion to issue a fixed penalty ticket for breaches of the law. The law was introduced because people would not take advice," he continues.

The community police officer also comments on the problem of parking in around Bradmore Green in Brookmans Park.

"Many years ago when Brookmans Park was built, there were not as many cars owned by individuals as now. The volume of cars in the village now is such that it puts people off using the local shops.

"The Chief Constable has made the decision to withdraw from enforcing parking restriction, and to pass that back to the local authority. What that does is to put the onus back on individuals to act responsibly when parking their cars.

"Police officers will still be issuing penalties where people cause an obstruction, or leave vehicles in a dangerous position, that can also result in your vehicle being towed away," he warns.

Click here to read the latest newsletter in full.

You can contact the community police team on 01707-638112. You can also discuss the local crime figures in this siteís forum.

19 December 2003

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