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Police investigate Gobions leads

Police say people should call 01707-638112 if they see anything suspicious
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Police say two women have called offering similar descriptions of a man they both thought was acting suspiciously in Gobions. Officers say they are investigating the leads.

Both women called on Monday morning, within an hour of each other.

Officers say the first woman saw a 60 year old male jogging past her. There was no contact, but she felt nervous, and grew suspicious when she later saw him ‘towelling himself down’ near a silver coloured car in the car park.

An hour later another woman reported seeing a white male, aged about 60, watching her from his silver coloured car, also in the car park.

The women took the car’s registration number and details, and reported them to the police.

Police say it could be an innocent member of the public out jogging, but they are keen to hear from anyone who sees anything they feel is out of the ordinary.

As for using Gobions, police are saying people should use their ‘common sense’.

“We don’t want to cause alarm, but it is important people use caution when walking in the area,” the spokesman said.

Last week a woman was walking along one of the paths through the woods, when a man approached her from behind, grabbed her shoulders, and pushed her to the ground. Click here for details of the first incident.

Police say a second woman was followed by a stranger in Gobions on Sunday lunchtime, 14 December. The woman was found in a ‘very distressed’ state, but was unhurt.Click here for details of the second incident.

You can contact the community police team on 01707-638112. You can also discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

17 December 2003

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