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Police report a second incident in Gobions

Police say the 'scruffy' man might be sleeping rough in the area
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Police say a second woman has been followed by a stranger in Gobions. She was found in a ‘very distressed’ state, but was unhurt.

According to the police, the incident happened at lunchtime on Sunday (14 December), and was witnessed by a local man walking his dog in the area.

Police say the man came across a ‘very distressed woman’, being followed by ‘a scruffy male', who made off when he saw the other man approach.

The local resident then comforted the woman, and escorted her back to her car.

Community police officer, Vojislav Mihailovic, is continuing to advise people against walking alone in the area while investigations continue.

“At the moment we are still gathering details. It could be that this individual is sleeping rough in the area, the description certainly seems to suggest that,” he said.

Last week a woman was walking along one of the paths through the woods, when a man approached her from behind, grabbed her shoulders, and pushed her to the ground.

Click here for more details of the first incident.

The woman managed to get to her feet again, and ran off in the direction of Little Heath. Police say she was uninjured, but was left suffering from shock. It's thought the man ran into the woods.

Police have suggested continued vigilance.

“If anyone sees a male, walking alone, without a dog, and acting suspiciously in the area of Gobions Wood, please keep clear, and contact the police.” PC Mihailovic said.

You can contact the community police team on 01707-638112. You can also discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

15 December 2003

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