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Bogus social worker warning

door to door callers
The local authority and police warn the elderly to beware of bogus callers
Elderly and disabled people in the area have been receiving calls from people pretending to be council social workers.

Hertfordshire County Council is warning people to be on their guard.

According to the council, several clients of the councilís Adult Care Service have reported receiving calls, which they thought were from the councilís social workers and occupational therapy staff.

In all cases, the county council says the calls did not come from them, and the authority has praised clients who were suspicious and contacted the local authority.

A council spokesperson said they are urging anyone who receives similar calls to do the same and report the incident.

"Never give unexpected phone callers any information about yourself, or agree to see them without making sure they are who they say they are. Everybody working for us will be happy to give their name, so that you can ring them back once youíve checked their identity with us by calling 01438-737400," the spokesperson said.

The same advice applies when people call in person. All county council staff should carry proof of their identity when they are on duty.

The eldery and disabled are urged to ask to see a caller's identity and, if they are still uncertain, to refuse them entry.

Anyone with elderly or disabled neighbours, who are not online, might want to relay the warning to them. Hertfordshire police is backing the awareness campaign.

You can discuss the issue of door-to-door callers in this siteís forum..

5 December 2003

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