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WAGN fares set for January increase

Brookmans Park Station
Brookmans Park Station
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
WAGN says ticket prices are set to rise on January 5, 2003, as part of the company’s January fare revision.

It will mean that a weekly London all zone ticket from Brookmans Park will increase by £1.50, from £49 to £50.50, and the annual London all zone season ticket will increase by £60, from £1,960 to £2,020.

The London Kings Cross weekly ticket from Brookmans Park goes up to £39 from £37.70 and the annual ticket increases from £1,508 to £1,560.

From Potters Bar, the weekly London all zones ticket will increase from £47 to £48.50 and the annual all zones ticket will go up from £1,880 to £1,940.

The London Kings Cross weekly ticket from Potters Bar increases from £35.70 to £37 and the annual ticket from £1,428 to £1,480.

The increase for most WAGN weekly and annual season tickets seems to average around 3%. The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) showed the annual rate of inflation - excluding mortgage interest payments - reached 2.3% in October, against 2.1% the month before.

You can discuss the fare increases in the forum.

December 11, 2002

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