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WAGN's performance improves

A WAGN train on the London to Kings Lynn run
A WAGN train on the
London to Kings Lynn run

WAGN is one of only three train operating companies recording an improvement in performance in figures just released.

The Strategic Rail Authority says that nationwide, 22 train operators showed a decrease in performance over the three months to September (81%) compared with the figures for the previous quarter (83%).

Only three operators, including WAGN with a 3% improvement, bucked the trend. The others were Arriva Trains on Merseyside, up 5% and South West Trains, up 1%.

As for customer satisfaction, the highest levels of overall satisfaction were recorded for Island Line (91%), Gatwick Express (91%), Chiltern Railways (89%) and Anglia Railways (86%).

However the SRA says a significant improvement in overall satisfaction was achieved by WAGN.

Overall, the industry nationwide saw an 11% increase in the level of complaints per 100,000 journeys compared with the same quarter last year and a 23% increase on the previous quarter.

The SRA says the picture taken year on year shows a gradual performance improvement to 81% of trains running on time (July to September 2002) compared with 79% (July to September 2001).

The SRA’s Chief Operating Officer, Nick Newton, said improving performance is the priority.

"These quarter on quarter figures are disappointing especially as performance is beginning to improve year on year. We have a massive challenge to stabilise and increase performance levels across the network. The industry must continue to commit itself to improving performance for passengers."

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December 12, 2002

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