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Great great grandchildren meet online

Pencil drawing by Mrs. F.R. Faithfull
Water End School circa 1850. Pencil drawing by Mrs. F.R. Faithfull
Another direct descendent of ‘The Pretty American’, mentioned in the history pages of this site, has traced his family history across the Atlantic to North Mymms.

Two and a half years ago the great great grandson of Frances Ruth Payson, a woman who lived in North Mymms more than 150 years ago, was able to uncovered valuable information about his family’s genealogy thanks to this site.

Chapter 24 of Dorothy Colville’s book, ‘North Mymms Parish and People’, reproduced in full on this site, tells the full story about ‘The Pretty American’.

Antony Faithfull Anderson's research about his past was written up for this site in July 2000. Here is his story.

Now, two and a half years on, another man has found his way to the same information about 'The Pretty American' on the Brookmans Park Newsletter - this time via New Zealand.

While researching his genealogy, Mark Grantham, from Quebec in Canada, was in e-mail contact with a man in Auckland. Tony Bates was able to help Mark fill in some blanks but also directed him to the Brookmans Park Newsletter.

When Mark clicked through this site he found the article about his distant relative. It encouraged him to write a feature linking that find to other information he has uncovered during his research into his family history. Here is Mark's feature.

What Mark didn’t spot at the time, was the similar story told two and a half years earlier, when the great great grandson of Frances Ruth Payson,‘The Pretty American’, also wrote to the site.

Now the two men have the opportunity of filling in some more gaps as they try to piece together their family tree.

If anyone has any more information for Mark Grantham or Antony Faithfull Anderson you can e-mail them by clicking on their names. If you do uncover anything fresh please also e-mail feedback so we can update the story.

December 3, 2002

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