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Station car park charges mooted

Brookmans Park Station
Brookmans Park Station
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
The possibility of charging commuters and shoppers for parking in Brookmans Park station car park has been raised with councillors.

Up to now the land to the east of the station, just off Station Road, has been free to park on, with dozens of commuters using the facility each working day.

Now the issue has been raised with North Mymms Parish Council, although a spokesperson for the council said that councillors havenít discussed it yet and no definite application has so far been made.

The spokesperson said he was not able to give any further details about the proposal, but said car park charges were a "possibility". He said the issue had been raised by a "rail company".

WAGN currently charges commuters for the use of Potters Bar station car park and Brookmans Park has always been a free option for local residents, many of whom live some distance from the station.

The station car park has often been suggested as a possible solution to the parking problems around Bradmore Green and the rest of the village, but some say it is too far from the shops to make it a practical option.

You can discuss this issue in the forum.

December 29, 2002

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