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New Media Awards 2003

New Media Awards Commendation
This site was commended in the New Media Awards 2002 and 1999 and won an award outright in 2000

The New Statesman has mailed all previous winners of its New Media Awards to say that nominations are now open for 2003. The logo on the right, sent by the organisers, shows this site is again up for an award.

In previous years this site has won one award outright and been commended twice for having "served the public interest in developing a democratically accountable civil society during the previous 12 months" and for "the use of new technology in empowering individuals locally".

In an e-mail to all previous winners inviting them to take part again, the publisher of the New Statesman, Spencer Neal, said that for 2003, the themes are "innovation and efficiency" and how new media technology is used to make a difference in public life.

New Media Awards Form
Illustration only.
Real form at New Statesman nominations page
If you feel you want to add your nomination you can do so at the nomination page.

On the left is a diagram showing how the form should be filled out.

A new monthly prize is being offered for the site judged to be the best from those nominated.

The 'civic society' category is described by the New Statesman as being for ...

"... the best use of ICT to improve civic society. From local democracy to public consultation, if new media has played a part in improving turnout, participation or otherwise countered social exclusion we want to hear about it. Local authorities, housing associations, community groups and large employers are all eligible. "

The New Statesman's winners page for 2002 shows the Brookmans Park Newsletter coming second behind This site didn't put in for the 2001 award but was mentioned in the page for winners in 2000 and the page for those commended in 1999.

You can discuss this issue in the forum.

December 18, 2002

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