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The mystery of the Hertfordshire hedgehogs

Where did the 'Hertfordshire Hedgehog' tag come from?

The Welwyn Hatfield Times is researching why people in Hertfordshire are known as 'hedgehogs'.

One of the reporters is writing a feature on where the name came from and wants to hear from anyone with any information.

A quick search of Google revealed the following ...

The Camelot Britain site confirms that "residents of the smaller west Hertfordshire towns and villages are known locally as 'hedgehogs'", but doesn’t say why.

According to the Comet newspaper’s online edition the rugby team in Hitchin is nicknamed the 'hedgehogs'.

The Bovington Bulletin Board has the following reference in a piece about the village of Sarratt. "The village was nicknamed 'Backward Sarratt', even by the slow-moving populace known as 'Hertfordshire Hedgehogs'."

The WHT has posted a thread in the forum asking for more information. If you can help please add your thoughts.

December 18, 2002

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