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Local Friends of the Earth needed
By David Sheppard

Friends of the Earth - North Mymms
North Mymms Friends of the Earth group is looking for new members to come and help, in whatever way you can,to make a difference locally.

North Mymms Friends of the Earth has been around for more than 12 years, and was formed as a result of a getting together of like-minded folk. All came from the Welham Green and Brookmans Park area, hence the groupís name.

We are represented on the Welwyn Hatfield Environment Network (WHEN), the Council-supported local forum for conservation and environmental groups; and have good contacts with the local press and council.

The group is in urgent need of some fresh support. (It is also probably an opportunity to shift the groupís focus, to draw members from a wider area within the Welwyn Hatfield district - so it may be the time to re-launch the group under a new name).

The group has been active in a variety of ways:

  • Supporting national FOE campaigns, e.g. through participation in local Days of Action across a whole range of issues from depletion of peat bogs to renewable energy
  • Pushing particular local issues, e.g. in the late-80s convincing the council of the public appetite for recycling, and more recently working with other local FOE groups to submit a detailed submission on the draft district plan; the group also planted and now looks after an area of hedge and trees in Welham Green
  • Fundraising: selling FOE and home-made merchandise at high profile and local fetes and fairs, holding plant sales - we recently presented FOE with a cheque for £1,000.
So, if you are interested in joining, have a particular environmental issue that you feel strongly about, or have a particular skill that could be of use, then please contact ...

David Sheppard on 01707-269589 or Julia Guerra on 01707-276754. Click on the names to e-mail.

December 2, 2002

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