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Christmas carol warning

Herts Police Crime Warning

Police have warned people to be on their guard for what crime prevention officers fear could be a carol singing scam operating in the area.

Officers say two youths knocked on a local residentís door at 8.25pm and began carol singing. The occupier gave them £1 and the youths then asked if they could use the toilet.

It was then that the resident noticed that the youths were both wearing surgical gloves. He refused them entry and alerted the police.

The youths are described as being in their teens, about 5í 7" tall and both spoke with Irish accents.

Hertfordshire police contacted all Neighbourhood Watch organisers in the area through the phone alert system to urge them to remind residents in their areas not to allow strangers into their homes and to be extra careful when opening the door to strangers in the dark.

Please alert any neighbours who are not online and unlikely to see this item. You can discuss this issue in the forum.

December 20, 2002

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