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North Mymms tank traps

Does anyone know enough about the tank traps in and around Brookmans Park to write a feature for this site's history section?

There are a few outside the shops down by the station slip road, a couple at the top of Bradmore Lane and others scattered throughout the parish.

Some are small triangular concrete structures, others a bit bigger. All were put in place to try to prevent any attempt by German troops to take London.

Apparently there is a line of them to the south of London and one to the north we are part of that line.

There are several features about tank traps already posted on the Internet. What is needed is a feature about the tank traps in this area.

If you want to submit a feature please drop a line to tanktraps

This site is run on a voluntary non profit-making basis so the only reward for writing an article is having contributed to this growing resource of local information (and having your name at the top if you want).

December 16, 2001

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