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Headteacher's last letter to parents

The following is the text of the last letter to parents from the headteacher of Brookmans Park School, Peter Evans, who retires on December 19, after 18 years in charge of the village school.

Dear Parents

This will be my last letter to you before I leave. I know I shall be seeing quite a few of you at my retirement party on the 18th, but for those of you who are not going to be there I would like to thank you for all the help and co-operation I have experienced over the 18 years I have been head.

Inevitably there have been times when we have not always agreed, but I can assure you that the children have always been foremost in my mind when making decisions.

I shall miss the children and the school but I know I am going to be busy doing other things which will prevent my retirement from being boring!

My successor, Miss Stevens, and I have spent several days going over important issues and hopefully this will make for a smooth handover. I am sure the school will be in good hands.

You may recall that the school was aiming to have its own website up and running by the end of this term. It was feared that due to Mrs Lewsley's absence this might not be achieved, as she was the ICT co-ordinator. However despite this difficulty I am pleased to inform you that the school went online today (Friday December 7th).

Obviously it will grow and develop as time goes by but I hope you will be pleased with our initial effort. You can look at the site by logging on to .

There has been a lot of discussion with staff and governors concerning the showing of children's faces on the website. The governors have decided that the policy will be not to show any individual faces if they can be recognised. Long shots of children, so that no individual recognition is possible, are deemed acceptable.

Any children's work shown will only give the child's first name or class. Although this is felt to be a pity, the consensus is that anonymity is the preferred option.

Pictures of children's work will follow later when we have purchased a digital camera with the money the PTA has kindly donated.

Could I remind you about the rules we laid down for attendance at our Christmas productions? I know it sounds as if we are being difficult about restricting seating to parents only for the Wednesday and Thursday performances but it is very unfair if parents cannot find a seat and they see places being taken up by whole families including former pupils.

In order to avoid the embarrassment of being asked to leave, please ensure you adhere strictly to this limit so that all parents have a fair chance.

The dress rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday afternoons (juniors and infants respectively) can be attended by anyone but the rule about not bringing toddlers still applies.

There will be a collection at the end of each performance for the charity 'Crisis'

School Christmas lunch is on Wednesday December 19. It is still not too late to pay for this. Normal prices apply. Only those children who do not normally have school meals need to pay. Others will automatically be included. See Mrs Bertram to reserve a place.

School finishes at 2pm on Friday December 21. The first day of the new term is Wednesday January 9, 2002.

On behalf of myself and all the staff I would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas and all my best wishes for the future.

Yours sincerely

P.J. Evans

December 7, 2001

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