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Tragic death of a Victorian youth

The story of a 17-year-old North Mymms youth who met a violent death 113 years ago has now been uncovered thanks to research carried out by a local father and his son.

David Lister first became interested in the life of Herbert George Town when he and his son found his gravestone in North Mymms Churchyard when out walking eight years ago.

They were intrigued by the faint inscription on the stone which said that the fourth child of Henry and Annie Town had been 'instantly killed at Weaste on the L&NWR (London and North Western Railway) on May 24th 1888'.

Eight years on, and thanks to a school project at his secondary school, David Lister's son has continued the research and the story of Herbert George Town, or 'Herby' as the Lister family have begun to know him, is now revealed in a website dedicated to the life and death of 'Herby'.

The research traces Herby's birth, his school days and his first job, which sadly only lasted a few days before he was died.

There are also several pictures showing where 'Herby' was born and where he went to school. The site also includes pictures of his family gravestone in the churchyard at St Mary's North Mymms.

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