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Local history Christmas offer

The North Mymms Local History Society is offering a special Christmas package of the complete set of four books by local historian Peter Kingsford for 10. The books are just part of a growing list of literature about North Mymms now available for order.

18 months ago many of the books written by members of the Society were out of print and unavailable in shops and libraries.

But following their publication on this site and a fresh demand from England and overseas, the society decided to reprint some of the more popular titles.

The books continued to sell and a second reprint of some was ordered.

Now the four original works by Peter Kingsford are available in a special Christmas offer.

The complete list of books for sale is listed below. 

A Modern History of Brookmans Park 1700-1950 Peter Kingsford 3.00
North Mymms People in Victorian Times Peter Kingsford 3.00
North Mymms Schools & their Children 1700-1964 Peter Kingsford 3.00
Victorian Lives in North Mymms Peter Kingsford 3.00
Complete set of all four books Peter Kingsford 10.00
North Mymms Miscellany Marian Benton 2.00
North Mymms Reminiscences NMLHS 2.00
North Mymms in the County of Herts 1972-1901 H.M. Alderman 1.25
Straw Plaiting in North Mymms NMLHS 0.70
My Life in North Mymms, James Chuck born 1903 James Chuck 0.70
On the Home Front 1939-1945 NMLHS 0.70
Gobions Estate, North Mymms Gobions Trust 3.00
Welham Green Community Map 1851 NMLHS 0.40
Church Brasses, St. Mary's, North Mymms NMLHS 0.10
North Mymms a Hertfordshire Parish NMLHS 12.00
A History of Hertfordshire NMLHS 15.95

All the items are available from the North Mymms Local History Society's Librarian, Len Palmer.

Len Palmer,
53 Bluebridge Road
Brookmans Park
Tel: 01707-655333

Please add 1.00 to cover packing and postage

December 9, 2000

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