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Wanted: Local artist to paint St. Mary's

A former Welham Green resident, who moved to California three years ago, wants to commission a painting of St. Mary's Church, North Mymms.

David Szymkowski and his wife were married in the church and their first child baptized there. They lived in Welham Green from 1990 to 1997.

In an e-mail to this site's 'Have Your Say' section David wrote:

I would now like to purchase or commission a painting of St. Mary's North Mymms, done by an artist familiar with the church; however, I have no idea where to start my inquiries. Is anyone familiar with any local artists who might be interested? If so, I would greatly appreciate any contact information - Thank you.

David can be contacted by e-mail at

In a separate e-mail to the feedback section of the site David wrote asking for full-size images of the pictures of St Mary's that appear on the site.

I enjoy looking at your Brookmans Park/North Mymms web siteI appreciate being able to keep up on the (formerly) local news. I would therefore appreciate if you could email larger versions of your excellent digital images of St. Mary's church (and churchyard), he wrote.

There is a selection of images that have been manipulated in Photoshop which when printed off and framed look like watercolour paintings.

The first is the church, the second the church yard, the third is the lane to the church and the fourth is the bridge just below the church.

The site also has a history of the Church written by H.M. Alderman. It is one of several books on sale from the North Mymms Local History Society as is a half-hour video about the Parish of North Mymms.

Both items are available from the North Mymms Local History Society's Librarian, Len Palmer.

Len Palmer,
53 Bluebridge Road
Brookmans Park
Tel: 01707-655333

Please add 1.00 to cover packing and postage

December 14, 2000

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