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Cash needed for village BAFTA bid

Russel Square in line for a BAFTA - russellposter.jpg (8178 bytes)

A small film company based in Brookmans Park could be in the running for a BAFTA.

In October, Charlie Productions submitted its ten minute digital film 'Russell Square' in a bid to win BAFTA's Short Film Award 2001.

On Thursday, November 30, one of the three person team who make up Charlie Productions, Ben Blaine, received a call from BAFTA saying that one of the judging panel considered it good enough to go forward to the next stage in the award process.

The trouble is that Charlie Productions didn't expect to get so far and don't have the money to proceed. The film is shot on digital and BAFTA demand a real film copy.

To get one made will cost 2,000 and take two days and the team only has until December 15 to come up with the cash.

Producer Ben Blaine has written to the Brookmans Park newsletter asking for help.

“Would it be possible to mention this on your website and just ask if there is anyone in the village who would be in anyway interested in helping us with this prize?

“In total we would need around 2,000 to get this print made but frankly any donations would be welcomed”, he wrote.

If you are able to help you can e-mail Ben or ring him on 01707-656531.

December 1, 2000

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