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Fall in annual crime rate

Recorded crime in Brookmans Park fell during 1999. There were less house burglaries than in previous years with none recorded in the last six months.

However there has been a substantial increase in the number of burglaries from sheds and out buildings. And police have issued a warning about bogus officials calling door to door.

In his latest Neighbourhood Watch newsletter, local police officer Vojislav Mihailovic, has again urged residents to keep sheds and outbuildings locked.

"I have made mention before of the amount and value of property that people have in sheds and garages. I can only urge you again to look at the security of these places. If necessary put better locks on," he writes.

He says bogus officials have been operating in the area. "If you have elderly neighbours please alert them. Do not allow people in to your home if you are not expecting them. Water officials and Gas Board all carry identification and will always accept that people will want to verify who they are," he writes.

In all there were 18 burglaries from houses, 32 from other buildings, 48 cases of theft or damage to motor vehicles, 21 cases of theft, seven of criminal damage, four assaults, two arrests for the possession of drugs and one case of harassment.

Full details in the latest Neighbourhood Watch newsletter.

January 30, 2000


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