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Club 200 - prize draw launched 

A monthly draw with a possible top prize of 250 has been set up to raise money for Brookmans Park School.

The 200 Club will have four cash prizes while around 500 a month is expected to go towards school funds.

Numbers can be bought by filling in a form available from the school office and there is no limit to the number of numbers individuals can buy.

The rules are as follows:

  • Individual numbers between 1 and 200 may be purchased for a monthly payment of 5.
  • Payment is to be made by standing order between the first and the tenth day of the month.
  • There will be a monthly draw.
  • The first draw will take place on the third Monday in January 2000 and monthly thereafter.
  • The draw will be made by Peter Evans, supported by members of the PTA.
  • 45% of the total monthly takings will be paid as prize money (see below).
  • 5% of the total monthly takings will be held back for a Grand Draw at next year’s Christmas Fayre (see below).
  • Prize money will be paid by cheque by the end of the month in which the draw takes place.
  • Only those numbers paid for by the tenth of the month will be entered for the draw.
  • Any disputes will be resolved by the Chairman of the PTA.
  • An individual may acquire as many numbers as they like.
  • If you wish for anonymity when you win a prize, this will be respected and your name will be withheld.

Monthly Draw  If all 200 numbers are sold for 5 each, then total takings each month will be 1,000.  The prize money for each month would be 45% of 1,000 = 450

  • First Prize = 250
  • Second Prize = 100
  • Third Prize = 75
  • Fourth Prize = 25

NB The prizes will be reduced pro-rate to the numbers sold

Queries regarding the 200 CLUB can be made to:

Brendan and Sarah Sharkey
I Brackendale,
Potters Bar, Herts.
01707 853596

November 11, 1999

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