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Internet solves family mystery

Mrs Rebecca Chuck c 1902
Mrs Rebecca Chuck c 1902
Almost 120 years ago a North Mymms woman died while giving birth in a local workhouse. Her son was sent to Canada with other orphaned children to work as a farm labourer. Nothing more was heard of him - until now.

It appears that William Chuck not only survived life on the Saskatchewan prairies but he also married, had children and became a grandparent.

Now, one of those grandchildren, Ross McKechnie, has traced his family history back to North Mymms thanks to the Internet.

Ross, who lives in the town of Weyburn, Saskatchewan, typed his grandfather’s name in a search engine and a few clicks later came across this website which contains hundreds of pages of local information including a dozen complete history books about the area.

Ross was able to look up every reference to his family by simply typing in the name ‘Chuck’ in the search facility on the front page. During that search he found many previously unknown details of his family including a photograph of one of his relatives.

Ross has since found out that his great great grandfather and great great grandmother were called John and Elizabeth Chuck and they had several children, Eliza Mary, Emily Elizabeth, William John, George, Rebecca Kate and Herbert.

The story then took another twist.

Ross then sent an e-mail to this site asking for more information about the family. That e-mail was passed on to the North Mymms History Society’s John Harris who remembered that the Society had a copy of an oral history of a James Chuck who was born in 1903. John found a copy of a small pamphlet, which contained details of the Chuck family dating back to the time Ross’s grandfather was born.

That complete eight thousand word oral history has now been put on this site for all to read. click here

Now Ross McKechnie is trying to complete the history of the Chuck family in Canada from the time his grandfather landed and was taken to the Saskatchewan prairies to work on the land. It is hoped that when this work is completed the feature can be added to the history pages on this site.

You can e-mail Ross at mckechnie@sk.sympatico.ca who is keen to hear from anyone who has information, which could help him complete the family tree.

If you want any local history researched you can e-mail the North Mymms History Society history@brookmans.com and they will try to help you in your search.

December 18, 1999

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