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Brookmans Park blackout 

Large areas of Brookmans Park, including the village centre, were without power for more than two hours on Sunday night, January 9. 

The hotel, restaurants and many homes had to rely on candlelight until the supply was reconnected.

The lights went out just after 5pm and returned soon after 7pm following a number of false starts.  Power failed again for five minutes at 8pm and again at 8.30pm.

A recorded message at Eastern Electricity, which runs the power network overhead and underground, said the problem was a supply fault in the Potters Bar area, however Potters Bar, Little Heath, Bell Bar and Welham Green were not affected.

There have been a number of power cuts in the area during December, including supply failures in Little Heath and parts of Brookmans Park.

Eastern Electricity has promised to write to this site explaining why there have been so many failures recently. The spokesperson on duty on Sunday night said the situation would be explained by letter within the next ten days.

The company has an emergency number for people to ring in the event of a loss of power.

Ring 0800-7-838-838 but before calling, users are urged to check whether their fuses have blown or a trip switch is off, whether the meter needs a token and if neighbours are without power.

Meanwhile a wise precaution might be to stock up on candles, matches, torches and batteries.

January 9, 2000

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