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Bank closure confirmed

The chairman of then Lloyds TSB Group has confirmed that the Brookmans Park branch will close next month.

In a letter to local residents and shopkeepers, who delivered a petition opposing the closure, Sir Brian Pitman says he is sorry the closure will cause 'dissatisfaction' locally.

"I do appreciate the concerns of our customers when faced with the closure of their local branch and would assure you that such decisions are only taken after a detailed assessment of a wide range of factors", he wrote.

More than a thousand local names were added to a number of petitions calling on the bank to rethink the closure plan. The petition was delivered to the chairman's office last month.

In his letter, Sir Brian continued: "As a result of your concern, and the degree of feeling amongst our customers, we have re-examined the proposed closure of Brookmans Park. Our judgement however remains that our presence there is not sustainable, particularly bearing in mind the proximity of other local branches."

Local residents had also called on the bank to save the Cashpoint in the village, which is used by many to withdraw money to spend in local shops.

Sir Brian wrote: "Similarly, the use of the Cashpoint machine is very low compared to other sites, and I am sure that you will appreciate that this is a very expensive facility to maintain. Just as with any other retailer, we do need to review the commercial viability of our local representation on a regular basis."

In the letter Sir Brain says that the bank has made arrangements for banking facilities to be made available through the Post Office for personal customers.

"Our analysis shows that the vast majority of transactions made at the branch can be handled in this way...our experience also shows that the additional custom helps to support the role of the Post Office in the local community," he wrote.

The branch is due to close its doors for the last time on Friday, April 14.

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March 15, 2000

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