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Petition to be presented to bank

A petition containing more than a thousand local names is to be presented to Lloyds TSB by local residents and shopkeepers protesting at plans to close the Brookmans Park branch.

More than 50 pages of names have been collected in the three weeks since Lloyds TSB announced that the branch on Bradmore Green is to close on Friday April 14.

People were invited to sign the sheets opposing the closure plan at several points around the village including the newsagents, the chemists, the off license, the butchers, the pet shop and the surgery.

The closure of the branch comes at a time when the Prime Minister is announcing the installation of 3,000 cash dispensers in rural post offices to try to help countryside communities. 

Meanwhile locally, concern is growing about how local businesses will be affected by the closure of the Bradmore Green branch.

The owners of the Brookmans Park Pet Shop, who organised the petition, say they have been told that they will not be able to use the banking facilities offered by the village post office and that only individual customers will be able to cash and withdraw money there.

This means that any local firm that has been using the Bradmore Green branch will now have to deposit their takings at either Potters Bar or Hatfield.

Lloyds TSB has also confirmed that the Cash Point is to go adding to fears that local shops will lose trade once the facility has been withdrawn.

The bank says the branch has a low 'footfall' (customers actually going through the door) and that internet and telephone banking have also contributed to the decision.

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February 3, 2000

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